Nook eBook Reader

Nook eBook reader Ok so you have finally decided to join in the new craze and get yourself an E-Reader, but now you might be stuck deciding on which of the many options to choose for yourself. This may not be true for you but the idea here is to at least allow you to make an educated decision. Basically speaking most E-Readers look similar, have the same purpose and feature similar features, but what you really want to know is how good it is, so here is a helping hand. The Nook eBook reader by Barnes & Noble is seen by many as the best on the market and given its price and the features that it packs into such a small yet versatile unit, it is really of no surprise.

The Nook eBook Reader comes out of the box at 7.7 inches tall and 4.9 inches wide which is smaller than its competitors though it is slightly thicker at 0.5 inches. Over all this makes it a light unit that you can easily use with one hand and not have to worry about your wrist getting sore. Being so small also allows you to sit in pretty much any position you like making the unit ideal for lazing around on the sofa or in bed without feeling like you are lugging a library around with you.

The backlit 6 inch display is supplemented quite nicely with a 3.5 inch wide touch screen control at the bottom; this is in replacement of the usual QWERTY keyboard found on some models. Though there are instances where a keyboard might be quicker the overall look of the unit is so much smoother with the touch screen. The display uses a technology called e-Ink which makes your books jump from the screen in absolute clarity. The unit’s bezel which seems quite wide at first but will help you to avoid damaging the screen from gripping it directly; which can be quite easy to do on other units. The contrast on the screen is unbelievable and is crystal clear in most light conditions.

Nook eBook Reader Storage Options

The Nook eBook reader comes with an SD card slot that makes for easy expansion of the memory as the 2GB that comes as standard can sometimes be a bit restrictive. When the memory is expanded to its full 40GB capacity you can hold up to 15,000 books at any one time. If you are the type of person who loves to read constantly this could be the ideal solution to storage issues in the home. E-Readers are never going to replace your books fully but the option of taking them all on a trip with is never going to come up in the real world so being able to have all those novels come along for the ride and only take up tiny amounts of space is a great bonus.

In general the battery life is about 10 days with regular use and the Wi-Fi being switched off. If you keep your Wi-Fi on constantly you can expect that to drop by about 30% overall. The Wi-Fi can also be backed up by the on board 3G capabilities should there be no wireless connections around. If you are sat at a Barnes & Noble they offer FREE Wi-Fi to all Nook eBook reader users. This can be great for browsing through their online store and finding the perfect novel which should not be too hard consider the mass amounts of titles already available. Certain libraries are even hooked up to special databases so you can get hold of articles and texts for your research and studies free of charge.

Though most of the E-Books you would want will cost you some money to get hold of, there are an abundance of famous texts available via public domains. These include works by some of the greats like Shakespeare.

Nook eBook Reader as a Portable Hard Drive

The Nook eBook reader will also work as a storage unit for your pictures and MP3s and can even use your pictures as a custom screensaver. The MP3 capability can be utilized to play back audio books as well as letting you listen to your favorite tracks whilst on the move. It is the diversity in situations such as this that make the Nook eBook reader such a great unit. For an average price of around $180 you are getting one sweet deal, especially when you consider the price of an MP3 player alone would normally be over half of that. All in all the Nook eBook reader is an outstanding unit that stands up to most tests you can throw at it, well worth the money you put down.