Kindle eBook Reader

The Kindle eBook reader is now in its third generation and a lot has changed in the market place recently so most people are wondering if the Kindle is really still up to scratch. The answer to that is yes and no, there have been many improvements since the last generation but some things have taken a step backwards, or so it would seem anyway. In all fairness most of the point where the Kindle eBook reader fails is on aesthetics and not much else, but there is still room for improvement for the unit that started the whole E-Reader craze. For now let us take a closer look at what you can expect from the new Kindle 3 so you can decide for yourself. Kindle eBook reader

One of the first things you will notice as you take the Kindle 3 out of the box is its size. If you own or have seen a Kindle 2 you will know what I mean straight away. The entire unit has been on a diet of not and seems to have shrunk into a new, slimmer and sexier model. You might wonder if this will affect the screen size but rest assured it is still the same. The 6 inch display gives you plenty of text per page at a reasonable size for reading. The screen is also of the e-Ink variety like some of its competitors though Amazon who makes the Kindle has stated that the contrast has been improved by 30%.

The other major feature to change is the navigation buttons, both for turning your pages and getting around the screen. The navigation buttons are now a lot smaller and fit snugly into the unit’s silhouette. This has its ups and its downs as yes it does now look elegantly smooth but they do tend to be a bit of a pain to find you do not want to look away from the screen. The dongle that used to be for moving around the screen has been replaced with a directional pad that is not only easier to use but manages to fit the entire look of the Kindle eBook reader a lot better.

Kindle eBook Reader Software

The software contained on the Kindle eBook reader has gone through some major improvements most of these being aimed at the browser. It is still not perfect but what you do have is more versatility than before, most sites can now be viewed without much conversion which saves you time and money. The Wi-Fi is now there which makes for a handy way of connecting with you internet connection at home or on the move a seamless and easy affair. Though the browsing experience is not the best in the world it is one of the best ones available on this kind of unit. As such it gets extra points for trying so hard to give the user an experience they can be happy with.

The keyboard on the Kindle 3 is much the same as the previous model though now you will find that the numbers have become part of the software pad rather than the hardware you find on the front, though admittedly some of the keys have had a little shuffle around. The keyboard is one that is easy to use once you get to grips where everything is. This could be the one advantage that will hold the Kindle eBook reader above all its competitors. If you use your E-Reader for making notes on documents, the Kindle eBook reader is the way to go as no other unit even comes close to its capabilities and ease of use.

Final Thoughts on the Kindle eBook Reader

At the end of the day the Kindle 3 is a good step into the right direction by Amazon though they could have made improvements in other areas as well. You have to ask yourself, with competitors coming out with full color touch screen displays and extra ways of connecting to online stores, will the Kindle eBook reader manage to hold on to its share of the market without making some more huge leaps forward by the next generation. That being said the amount of titles available to users through Amazon and the added functionality of Kindle applications made for other devices too adds them to the already huge database of customers, they may be onto something else that we do not yet know about. In the end we will just have to wait and see. Until then the Kindle eBook reader is an amazing unit in many different situations and should be more than enough for most users to get their reading fix from.