iPhone eBook Reader

iphone ebook reader Steve Jobs has recently been quoted as saying, “People don’t read anymore.” That could not be further from the truth, especially nowadays, seeing as how people now use iPhone eBook reader software. While many people are not reading the traditional physical copies of books these days, many are picking up their favorite titles in electronic format and reading them on their portable electronic devices such as the iPhone eBook Reader. The Apple iPhone is one of the most popular devices for reading electronic content such as books. It is a bit ironic that the head of Apple made such a statement when people are consuming large amounts of written content from their iPhones. Newspapers and novels are being read by millions of people all over the world on their iPhones, iPads and other devices. The point Mr. Jobs was trying to make when he made this statement is that the Amazon Kindle and similar devices are becoming obsolete since the iPhone and iPad are capable of so much more than just displaying eBook novels, comics and newspapers for users to read. When you can use a device like the Apple iPad or iPhone for checking and sending emails, browsing the web, playing various video games, and as an eBook reader, it really does makes sense as to why Mr. Jobs would make such a bold assumption.

Apps for your iPhone eBook Reader

There are many applications in the App Store for easy eBook reading on the iPhone platform, turning your phone into the ultimate iPhone eBook reader!. Reading novels, newspapers, and magazines on their iPhones has changed the way people read forever. With a massive increase in portability and convenience, readers everywhere can take a virtually unlimited number of texts with them wherever they go and all of their content is easily accessible with a tap of the finger.