iPad eBook Reader

The iPad eBook reader is many different things in one sleek and sexy package and amongst other it doubles as quite a nice little E-Reader. Though you might not buy it for that sole purpose as the $400 price tag would be too much for just that, the fact of the matter is it does an excellent job of mimicking an E-reader, in some ways it is actually better. If, like most of the world, you are becoming tired of carrying so many different electrical items with you wherever you go, an iPad eBook reader might just be your best option. Consider some of the points expanded on below and decide for yourself.

When pulling the iPad eBook reader out of its packaging you would be forgiven for letting out a small gasp. The unit looks elegant in ways that words do not even justify. The smooth aluminum back plate and tempered glass front make the unit feel like it was meant to be held. You can tell from the first time you pick it up that you are going to love the experience of using it; it is inviting you to make it work at maximum speed. The lack of controls on the front other than a home button makes everything seem less cluttered and with a nicely concealed speaker just below that, you know the sound is going to be crystal clear. The case is generally unblemished by connection sockets and you will only find a normal headphone jack and the normal Apple connection, this being used for charging and all manner of other connections.

ipad ebook reader The high resolution display is worthy of its own review in every way. Not only is it bright and full color but the contrast makes it usable in most lighting conditions. You may find it a little hard to read in direct sunlight but it will perform infinitely better than most displays in the same conditions. The bezel around the screen seems a little chunky at first but with time you will notice how it stops your thumb from slipping on to the touch screen and giving it false commands. If you have any experience with touch screens you will know how irritating that can get. The other advantage is that it will take up much of your peripheral vision enabling you to concentrate on the task at hand. Apple iPad

Though the iPad eBook reader contains many applications the main ones you will be interested in if you are hoping to use it as an E-Reader will be the built in iReader and iBooks add on to purchase more titles. Apple even has support for its own Kindle application so you can get access to more titles from Amazon. The vast amount of titles available will make the decision an easy one if money is no object. With all the other applications that comes as standard, you will notice they are very similar to an iPod touch or an iPhone. The syncing capabilities are all the same and you will never really struggle to back up any information.

iPad eBook Reader – Pros

Added bonuses to using the iPad eBook reader other than its touch screen and full resolution color display are things such as an extremely easy browsing experience. Using Apple Safari, much like everything apple, you can browse any site you want to with no trouble of trying to convert them like you would get on a lot of E-Readers on the market. This also gives it the advantage of being able to navigate all of your favorite social network sites.

If you have use of a .pdf reader then the iPad eBook reader is one of the best on the market. It honestly beats any E-Readers capabilities hands down. The display is the main reason for this and while on an iPad they will instantly be readable other units will often have to resize fonts to make them legible. For student and scholars this is an extremely useful tool as many of the texts they will have to study are in .pdf formatting.

iPad eBook Reader – Cons

The only downside that was found on the iPad is its productivity when it comes to doing other work. Though the touch screen keyboard is well laid out you may still get some issues with response times and not having an actual keyboard can make many people lose track of where their hands are. The iPad is recommended if you can put up with that small inconvenience of the onscreen typing, because other than that there is not much to point out in the way of flaws. Be sure to check out the other readers before making the decision to buy an iPad eBook reader so you know what features the others have.