eBook Readers

ebook readers eBooks have been around for a few years now and continue to grow in popularity. The Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook have been two of the more popular eReader devices since the eBook revolution got underway. As technology improves, so to do these devices. While the Kindle and Nook are used exclusively for reading digital text, tablets are becoming more and more popular with their additional functionality. Devices such as Apple’s iPad offer users the opportunity to not only read their favorite novels, magazines, and newspapers, but also browse the web, watch videos, listen to music, and even play games. A portable device with this much functionality seemed impossible when the first eBook readers came on the market. Even so, a tablet might not be the right choice for everyone, due to their higher price tag and larger size.

Here are some things to consider before buying an eBook Reader:

The eBooks Themselves
Unfortunately, there is not a universal eBook format that publishers adhere to. eBooks are released in many different formats, and Apple, Amazon and Barnes and Noble have their own stores for their devices. Not all of these stores are the same. First of all, the availability of titles is hugely variable. You will not be able to find certain books at certain stores. Some authors and publishers even have exclusivity deals with one store, making their books available only from that store. The selling price of eBooks also varies greatly by store, and is definitely something to consider before taking the plunge with any single eBook reader. Amazon and Barnes and Noble offer additional media types, such as newspapers, magazines, and comic books, but not all do. It is a very good idea to browse some of the different stores for any device before making a final decision to purchase it. Some libraries offer eBooks, so if you are planning to use your device with your local library’s eBook program, check and make sure their format is compatible first.

Average Size of eBook Readers

Size can play a big part in deciding on which eBook reader to buy. If you have a hard time seeing smaller text, a larger device might put less stress on your eyes. Many eBook readers utilize a technology known as E ink, a method of displaying text electronically in a way that mimics the printed page, enabling devices to have batteries that last longer, and making text easier to read. Other devices use LCD screens, which allow for additional functions like watching video and playing games. Many devices using E ink are on the smaller side, with screen sizes around six inches.

Apple’s iPad is one of the bigger eBook reader devices currently on the market, giving users a large LCD color display, close to ten inches, that makes images and text clear and easy to read. Other tablets offer similar size displays and run the Android operating system for their other applications.

Wireless eBook Readers?

The Kindle became quite popular in no small part due to its ability to let users download books wirelessly from nearly anywhere. The Nook and Sony Reader now offer similar capabilities, but you should expect to pay a little extra for the convenience of wireless downloads.Cost

eBook readers vary greatly in terms of cost. An entry level device can be obtained for around $100 and might suit you quite well if you are just looking to read books on it. If you are looking for additional functionality out of your device, you can expect to pay more, up to $829 for the latest 3G 64GB iPad. The amount you need to spend really depends on what you plan on using the device for.

As technology continues to improve, and manufacturing costs continue to come down, eBook readers are truly becoming a mainstream gadget. Many people enjoy reading their favorite content on their handheld device, whether it be fiction, non-fiction, the newspaper, a magazine, or even a comic book. Many technology pundits out there are saying that print is dead, and while that is not completely true yet, eBook readers give people a convenient, portable way to take as many books with them as they like, and read them whenever and wherever they want.