Amazon Kindle Fire

The Amazon Kindle Fire has recently been announced as the new name for Amazon’s upcoming hand held tablet device. While they will still be heavily marketing the Amazon Kindle towards eBook readers, the Amazon Kindle Fire will offer more flexibility for other applications using a modified version of the Android operating system. Amazon’s clear intention with this release is not to cannibalize the top selling Kindle, instead to compete with the iPad for more technical savvy consumers who would use the Amazon Kindle Fire as both an eBook reader as well as their tablet device for various other apps and uses made available through the Android Marketplace.

amazon kindle fire
The technical specifications have yet to be revealed in full as of yet, however it has a tentative launch date of Mid November, 2011 in the United States, and first quarter 2012 throughout the United Kingdom. We do, however, know it’s speculated to be a 7-inch tablet with the Android operating system styled with a custom Amazon theme for ease of use and to incorporate the Amazon brand heavily. Price is also a matter of speculation as of now, however, it’s quite likely that it will be priced to compete with the iPad in order to wrestle some of the hand held tablet device market share from Apple.

We can also expect to see’s own Android application market available through the Amazon Kindle Fire selling access to television shows, eBooks, and possibly movies. Amazon has done wonders for the eBook community with the original Kindle, adding loads of new features and capabilities not otherwise seen in the other brand of eReaders, so we assume this new tablet is going to really add a lot of flexibility to our ebook devices! We here at eBook Library are excited to hear more about the Amazon Kindle Fire! Check back for more information as it becomes available.