If you are one of the lucky people who have found yourselves in the position of buying one of the types of eReaders, you will probably be wondering where the best place to spend your money would be. For those of you who have no idea what eReaders are, then this articles will probably help you out just as much. In the battle for top spot on the E-Reader chart there will only really ever be three contenders, the Kindle, the Nook and the iPad by apple. We are going to take this chance to break down each unit and see if your money is going to be well spent and what the advantages of each unit are. I think the best way of starting this off is by trying out the originator of the industry, The Kindle.


Most Popular eReaders as of 2011


The Kindle

So what kind of features can you expect if you spend your hard earned money on a kindle? The list is one that any tech guru would salivate over, in fact it is quite amazing the detail that Kindle go into for something as simple as reading a book. For starters you will be amazed at the contrast ratios on their new e-Ink pearl screen. It is one of the main features that leaves other eReaders eating dust on store room shelves, it is just that good. Other than the contrast ratio the screen now also carries more text per page. With slight modifications to the layout the Kindle 3 handles larger pages allowing you to read for longer before having to turn a page.


Overall the Kindle now comes in a lighter casing as well. The fact that they have managed to pack extra features into the Kindle 3 and still reduce its weight is a huge relief. For those of us that like to read in awkward sitting positions the reduced weight helps to ease up on the fatigue felt by your wrists on the earlier, more weighty models. The on board memory has received a boost as well with the Kindle 3 now having a standard 4 gigs flash memory on board straight out of the box. This can also be expanded at a later date to hold up to 40 gigs if you need it. Add to this the Wi-Fi capabilities of the Kindle 3, complex webpage support and add-ons to allow reading in the dark and you have a winning package. The average price of the Kindle 3 is $189 so it is not a complete wallet destroyer.

The Nook

The first thing most people notice about the Nook variety of eReaders is its size, at 7.7 inches tall and about 5 inches wide the unit is highly compact and suited to traveling light. By omitting the QWERTY keyboard of the Kindle the Nook manages to add features like a full touch screen, albeit there are still two mechanical buttons for turning the pages forward and back which are nicely placed on the side of the unit allowing you to read comfortably with one hand. The advantages of the touch screen are easily felt when you begin using the Nook. For starters the general operation of the unit is extremely quiet, which is great for those of us that read in bed and do not wish to disturb our spouse.


The storage capacity on the Nook will hold up to around 1500 books depending on their size. Barnes & Noble who make the Nook claim to have around a million different E-Books available on their website. Using the built in Wi-Fi you can access their site and easily navigate to and download your desired novel, newspaper or even a magazine. One of the features you should be aware of is the LendMe feature on certain E-Books. This allows you to lend an E-Book to one of your friends for 14 days, the feature gained a lot of hype during pre sale advertising and though not all E-Books allow it, it is still an outstanding feature to have and with units starting at $149 you would be hard pressed to find a better deal on other eReaders.

The iPad

Though the iPad is not considered one of the eReaders as the others above in the classic sense, many people have decided to invest in one to be used as an equivalent to a bottom end laptop and as eReaders combined. As we have come to expect from anything made by Apple, the iPad is exceptionally well made and is filled to the brim with features. When it comes to features regarding it’s comparison to other eReaders, the iPad can actually use the Kindle application so you will still have access to all the same great titles any of the other eReaders offer. If you have ever used and iPod touch or an iPhone you will recognize the user interface straight away. It is actually built on the same platform.


Though the iPad is heavy in comparison to the other E-Readers the high resolution full color display means that it can support .pdf files far better than any of the other two units. One of the few things letting the iPad down is the fact that it is not really as handy as you would expect. Considering they are aimed at a multi tasking market you can only run one application at a time. This is all well and good until you are halfway through a page and suddenly need to answer an email. All in all though the iPad is a good buy but with a price tag of around $449 some people may think twice before shelling out on something that in no way replaces your laptop.

eBook Reader Covers

Seeing as how you’re making a reasonably expensive investment in fancy eReaders, it’s important to keep it safe from scratches and impact damage. Damage can even occur during typical transportation in a briefcase or a purse despite their impact resistant design. Accidents do happen, which is why it’s important to keep your iPad, Kindle, Nook or other eReaders protected with an eBook Reader cover.

ebook reader covers


All in all the idea of eReaders is an amazing concept. The ease with which you can access new books and the availability of all your books in one place is great. These units will in no way ever replace the hard copies you can buy, and if you are one of those people hat like having books around the house you will understand this immediately. So there it is, all three units laid out bare, in the end the choice is yours.