eBook Bestsellers

eBook Bestsellers offer an exciting way to expand the imagination and keep one’s interest for hours. Whether by plane or as a passenger in a car, reading makes travel time pass by quickly. In addition, they serve as wonderful conversation starters at parties or when meeting people because many categories of eBook Bestsellers exist, there’s something for everyone.

ebook bestsellers First, either fiction or non-fiction qualifies. Newspapers and magazines across the country release reviews and lists of these books, so for current data on them, check the arts and/or business section of such periodicals. Fiction books alone contain so many genres; it helps to understand a brief overview for guidance in what to choose.

Historical fiction uses real happenings, people, or time periods, expanding upon them in an imagined way. For example, numerous historical novels have been placed in the Civil War without changing the events of the war, but using fictional characters as examples of how people felt and acted during that time. Sometimes, writers may use real people such as famous leaders, placing them in fictional circumstances to explore an unknown personality or debated circumstance. Some historical outcomes are changed, such as having the Axis Powers winning World War II. Often, authors use such twists to explore greater themes and to show both negative and positive sides to an event. This sparks interest and intellectual debate among readers, affecting everything from social change to law. An example of this would be Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, which took place in the meatpacking industry in Chicago.

The book was written to draw attention to dire working conditions and poverty, but led to drastic changes in the production and inspection of meat. So when reading about history and real people, remember that it may help to learn a bit about the subject and also look up things that are mentioned, as knowledge often makes the story more exciting as well as sheds light on intentions and meaning. It also helps to know what really occurred and never did. A lot of authors dabble in historical romances, which sell well and provide exciting back drops for love stories.

Fiction eBook Bestsellers

Some fiction focuses on satire, which can generate debate and makes for interesting conversations. Books like Catch 22 and Breakfast of Champions use a blend of the dark and comic to make social commentary, which is the crux of satire. Such pieces often revolve around highly unlikely scenarios, as do science fiction stories. The key to outrageous or impossible settings and plots becoming Bestsellers depends on the skill and detail an author commands. For example, if writing about a world in outer space, consistent actions and details make the tale successful.

No set page limit exists for fiction, though determining something as a novel is often decided by the genre. For example, some young adult novels run about twenty thousand words. In adult fiction, that would be called a novella, which is essentially a small novel.

Obviously, no hard and fast rules exist for the possibilities of gaining rank amongst other eBook bestsellers, other than a tight plot and exciting story. Many ways exist for an author to take readers on a wild ride, whether tweaking real life or creating a completely new adventure in the most mundane of settings. One thing is for sure, though: there are many kinds of eBook Bestsellers out there.