What is an eBook?

what is an ebookWhat is an eBook you ask? The term eBook is short for “electronic book” and brings a refreshing new modernization to the book industry. An eBook is an electronic version of a book that can be read on a personal computer or a variety of devices that are specifically designed to read them. eBooks are becoming more and more popular in recent years due to their convenience, flexibility and customization. It is a common misconception that most books are not available in eBook format, but this is an outdated and incorrect assumption. Now many mainstream books are being converted to this new and exciting format as the level of popularity and the number of eBook distributors increases.

Once you have learned what is an ebook, you may never go back.

As this increasing demand for eBooks rises, many new eBooks are available from a variety of genres. You can find eBooks of any genre that you could find with conventional books including mystery and thrillers, crime, science fiction, classics, romance, contemporary, and fantasy. From bestsellers to obscure books, fiction and non-fiction, newspapers and publications and even comic books have all become in eBook format in recent years.

Find out what is an ebook reader and which one is perfect for you.

What is an eBook Reader? eBooks are read using eBook readers, which are also known as eBook devices or eReaders. These include any device that can read an eBook. Some popular eReaders are Amazon’s Kindle, Apples iPhone and iPad, Motorola’s DROID, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, and many others. Some of these devices are equipped to emulate the ink and paper feel of normal books, even reflecting light similar to real paper. Some examples of the advantages of using an eBook reader include portability, visibility regardless of lighting, ability to adjust font size, and compatibility with many common portable electronic devices.

What is an eBook good for? There are many other advantages that go along with using eBooks. For example, there are millions of eBooks that can be downloaded for free in moments. One eBook reader can contain virtually unlimited ebooks dependent on memory, while taking up the space of only one book. eBooks are often translated into many languages, making them more convenient for some people. eBooks can be backed up and retrieved if they are lost, whereas a traditional book can be worn down, damaged, destroyed or lost. eBooks are both easier for distributors to produce and more environmentally friendly as they require no paper or ink to produce.

What is an eBook Library collection and how is it a benefit to the average reader? eBooks are simply are more convenient and modern way to enjoy the pleasure of reading. In this day and age, we don’t need to worry about the inconvenience of new releases being sold out, or wasting time searching for books at the library that might not even be there. We shouldn’t have to worry about remembering to turn in books on time, paying late fees, or trying to store hundreds of our favorite novels. In today’s world, we can each have our own eBook library in the palm of our hands with unlimited access to tens of thousands of books only a few moments away.

For those of you who have managed to not get caught up in the E-Book craze that is going around you may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Let us try and enlighten you a little and before long you might just be converted to the digital world of E-Books.

In its simplest form the E-book is a digitalized version of an already published novel that can be read using one of the many E-Readers on the market or simply on your desktop or laptop computer. Some companies even distribute special software that allows you to ‘turn’ the pages of you E-book on your computer to allow you to experience something as close to reading an actual book as possible. Other digital books are written specifically for online distribution and as such are usually shorter than normal novels. Many of these works that are published online are either extremely cheap or sometimes even free. You will even find that most of the classic texts like Shakespeare are available for free on public domains. Some companies that sell regular books online will even give you a digital copy at a huge discount when you purchase the normal book.

The concept is one that has been taken very seriously by companies such as Amazon.com who make the Kindle, a small electronic unit specifically designed to read e-books. These units can interact with the website and be used to purchase and download more books using a Wi-Fi connection. Amazon.com has around 65,000 different novels and books that have been converted into digital form for users of the Kindle E-Reader. Other E-Readers are aimed at the academic market and it is a concept that many universities in the United States have jumped on board. They have created a digital library of books that can be accessed over their internal network so any student with an E-Reader has instant access to any of the texts they may need for their studies and assignments.

Though some people think it to be some form of sacrilege to not own an actual book, most people who use E-Books on a regular basis will happily admit that they still buy many books to have in their homes. Nothing will ever replace the feeling of curling up with a good book, but with technology being what it is the fact that you can have such a sea of knowledge at your fingertips should never be overlooked. To explain this better, if you take the three main suppliers of E-books; Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com and Apple and combine the number of publications available through them you get a grand total of over one million publications, available in an instant.

Add to this the current trend of digitizing everything from monthly magazines to the daily newspaper and you can easily see that an E-Book reader can be a very powerful tool. The key to an E-book is in the interactive factors involved. Sure you don’t get that feeling of browsing through a well thumbed book, or the smell of a brand new Hardback fresh off the print, but what you do get in many E-Books is a search box to find specific parts of the text, some models even allow you to take notes as your reading and stores them next to the particular part you are writing about.

One of the best loved features though, is the ability to hyperlink certain parts of the text to other areas or completely different texts to the one you are currently reading. How many times have you sat with a book that is part of a series only to reach a part that mentions a moment in a previous book, only to find hat that particular chapter is lost in your memory? With the correct hyper linking you could easily jump back to another E-Book containing the part you are looking for and refresh your memory.

There is no reason to believe that the print industry will ever go away, the same way that digital music downloads still cannot beat the feeling of buying a new CD, and an E-Book is not something you can leave on a coffee table to simply browse through some of the pictures every now and again.

If you are someone who travels an awful lot or lives in a home with restricted amounts of space for books then considering an E-Book reader would be a grand idea. The space that an E-Reader takes up in a suitcase is nothing compared to even one good sized hard back book, and the weight you save is a no brainer, especially when you consider the fact that most e-readers are more than capable of storing up to about 1500 books at once.

So imagine having all of your favorite books at your fingertips, wherever you go, any time of day. All contained within a unit that is usually about 8 by 5 inches in size. Or to make the whole idea even more appealing, most companies that deal with e-books on a regular basis will allow you to download a preview of most of their E-Books so you can see if you will actually enjoy a novel before you spend your hard earned money on it. Imagine it as an extended version of the blurb found on the back of normal books. It is not really hard to see why the craze has picked up as much as it has and knowing what you now know the only question you might have left is why did I not get into this sooner?

Take a quick search on the internet and before long you could be enjoying the best novels and texts reproduced in full high definition digital quality. You might just find you enjoy it so much you start reading more than you did before, and who can ever tell you that reading too much is a bad thing? Exactly, so what are you waiting for? Now that you know what is an ebook, go now and enjoy!