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Check out our feed from one of our favorite hardcover book shops, Barnes & Noble! They sell the famous reading device, the Nook. We highly recommend this eReader. Even though eBooks are a convenient way to carry thousands of books in one small device, there's something nostalgiac about the feel of a hard or soft cover book in your hands. It brings us back to the simpler days of reading in bed on a rainy day. A good paperback book can never overcome the sheer versatility of an ebook reader, however, so we're here for every other reading need you have. Thanks for visiting our site!

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While the industry has grown steadily over the last couple of decades, the time is truly now for eBooks to rise above and beyond expectations. With the widespread distribution of smart phones, personal computers and laptops, eBooks are destined to explode into all of our lives representing a new era of convenience, flexibility and excitement.